7 Oral Sex Tips for Indians, Do It Like a Pro 2020 Guide

7 Oral Sex Tips for Indians

Hooking up with your partner for a date? Oh, just make sure your oral sex game is on point. But, before that grab some insights about oral sex and, how it makes your partner feel lewd and anxious for love.

Oral sex is not sex-sex but, is actually an astounding way to enjoy with your partner orally. By orally, we mean using hands and tongue to caress your partner so that they turn erotic and foxy. Oral sex India wasn’t a known thing until sex toys came in action. With sex toys and other tips, oral sex is finally making its way and is on fire these days. 

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to ace your oral sex amusement. 

Noises are fun, make some uproar.

Are you behaving still and calm even during the best times? Well, we suggest you rather switch. Noises are always fun whether it’s sexual intercourse or oral sex with your loved ones. Let your partner know that you’re enjoying every bit of their strokes by whining, slurping and spitting. These noises undeniably drive your partner to lick your ass like a crazy man.

Eye contact like never before.

It’s always fun and pleasure to see your partner enjoying little things from your end. Eye contact makes it even better. While going down on your knees to lick their pussy, make sure to gaze at them sensually. Seize your partner’s reaction to find out if they’re enjoying or not. Eye contact can also make space for kisses that might last during the entire oral session. So, keep your spirit high and be lusty af. 

Let your hands do the work. 

Let your hands do the work.

Horny-horny, yes baby. Oral sex is undoubtedly incomplete without using your hands in the most salutary way possible. Seduce her by caressing her vulva or clitoris and transform the environment into a slinky and lascivious one. Don’t shy to use your hands because oral sex demands more of hand action than anything else. Rubbing and massaging her pussy and indulging in vulva strokes is the most lavish trick you can do to stimulate her orgasm. Just make sure your partner is comfortable with the same. 

Juicy lubes are never out of rage. 

While your mouth is full of saliva dripping right into your girl’s pussy, it’s better to act safe and smart by including lubes during oral sex. Slit her vagina a bit and add lubes to make it feel a juicy flavorful hole. The ultimate sex pleasure is induced by lubes and you can never go wrong with them. Whether it’s you girl’s vulva or your boy’s penis, lubes add spice to the pussy and makes hand job easy. Think about how lustful and steamy the environment will turn. You can now move your hands all around her pussy and expect a mind-blowing orgasm. 

Espouse those sex toys. 

Sex toys are always a great addition during your oral sexual intercourse. Just place a finger vibrator on her clitoris and observe how she reacts. The most satisfying orgasm is when you stimulate her G-spot softly and, she moans like a voracious girl. Make sure to lick her vagina and at the same time stimulate the clitoris with a wand vibrator because the combination of the two feels amorous and titillating. 

Blowjobs – Oh, so fascinating

Blowjobs - Oh, so fascinating

Undoubtedly, blow jobs are the best when it comes to oral sex with your partner. But, making it even more erotic and raunchy is in your hands. With various positions for blowjobs, you can stupefy your boy and his penis and, he might dig into your pussy like a lunatic, naughty man. Try to adopt the “sit and suck” position for ultimate enjoyment. Sit on a chair and let your partner stand with their legs wide apart from the chair making his dick interpolate your mouth. Now, is the time to show your efforts? Suck the heck out of his slinky cock and, let the sperm drool all over your boobs. 

Say no to half oral sex.

Consistency and patience is the key when you are having oral sex. If you have already commenced the affair then, it is better to keep it on until she has an orgasm or doesn’t say to stop. Make her relax and lay down a bit because forcing her for continued oral sex can be clinky and not so engrossing. Ease her with your lustful words and tell her that she looks sexy this way and, you enjoy every bit of her moans & movements. That’s the key to keep it going. 

Wrapping up the series of oral sex India tips, we hope you enjoyed it thoroughly.

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