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Buyer’s Guide to Condoms for Men

Buyers' Guide to Condoms

Ultimate Buyers’ Guide to Condoms

Welcome to the world of unlimited love and passion. BesharamToys is certainly the online portal that rules the hearts of all the Indians across the nation. We are with a doubt, one of the leading dealers of sex toys as well as adult products in India. All the sex toys and adult products available at this online portal are truly world class and of great quality. We at BesharamToys only endorse true and authentic sex toys and adult products. Your safety and satisfaction are two of our main objectives as an online portal for sex toys.

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What are condoms?

A condom is usually a balloon shaped contraceptive device that is to be worn by the male partner on his penis before having sexual intercourse with the female counterpart. Wearing this ensures that both of them do not give birth to an unwanted or unplanned child. Moreover, it also ensures that both consenting adults are engaged in safe and totally risk-free sex as far as sexually transmitted diseases are concerned. It is an effective way of controlling childbirth. It is not only the most viable but one of the cheapest method of contraception that a couple can engage with. Therefore, wearing a condom is a must. It also helps you enrich your sexual experience as well as pleasure while you enjoy your partner company.

Types of Condoms

There are various kinds of condoms to help you have a great time with your partner. We would be discussing a few of them below. You must have a look at the same in order to have a great idea about the diversity of options that are being offered to you at BesharamToys.

Normal Condoms

These are basic condoms which are just great to fulfill the fundamental purpose of condoms as a contraceptive device. Therefore, if you are not looking for anything fancy then this should be your kind of condoms.

Dotted Condoms

Dotted condoms add a flavour of spice to your sex life. Yes, these dotted condoms are enough to make your partner fully satisfied with all the twists and turns you both decide to take while sharing the space with each other. Thus, it is a must buy.

Flavoured Condoms

These kind of condoms are usually beneficial for those males who love getting blowjobs from their partners. Therefore, these condoms come in a variety of exciting flavours. You must check them out yourself.

Glow in the dark condoms

This is indeed one of the best and unique kinds of condoms in this product segment. The name justifies the real distinguishing feature of this lovely kind of condoms. It is worth a shot!

Shop with us at BesharamToys

This portal ensures that all the sex toys and adult products that you have ordered with us are delivered to you at your doorstep. Yes, that is true. And not only this but we also advocate the fantastic idea of discreet shipping and delivery for your safety. We understand you better. We understand how important it is for you to not reveal your private life to others. Therefore, we came up with this brilliant idea of discreet delivery and packaging. So, what are you waiting for? Keep shopping at your most trusted site to buy sex toys as well as adult products – BesharamToys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- Should I use two condoms to be extra cautious while having sex with my partner?

A- No! It is a big No. This is because only one condom from a genuine and authentic dealer of condoms is more than perfect. Yes, you do not need to get on two different condoms on your penis to ensure that it is a risk free experience with your partner. Moreover, wearing more than one condoms at the same time is actually more dangerous since it would lead to malfunctioning of the condoms due to friction created by rubbing each of them against the other. Therefore, it is suggested that one should only use a single good quality condom at a time. This would be more than sufficient.

Q- Are there any other kinds of substitutes to condoms?

A- Yes, there are plenty of alternative ways of controlling childbirth after sexual intercourse. Although all of them are not as plausible as wearing a condom. Moreover, wearing a condom on your penis is the easiest of them all. Other procedures include long and paining surgeries and transplants. Therefore, one should always go for wearing condoms whenever required. Wearing a condom ensures that the heterosexual couple reduces the chances of suffering from any kind of sexually transmitted disease. Not only this but wearing a condom or making your male partner wear one eases out the whole process a little more. It certainly reduces the risk of teenage pregnancies. In addition to this, condoms also help you enhance your sexual pleasure and experience.

Q- Can I reuse my condom?

A- Again, it is big No. One should not really use a condom more than once. Thereby, there does not arise a question of reusing a condom. It is simply because of hygienic reasons. Moreover, one should always dispose off the used condom right after one has finished off the sexual intercourse. It is really important to discard it in a proper manner. Moreover, reusing a condom would also mean that a condom might not be able to provide you with a safe experience the second time you decide to use it. It would more often than not leak and would lead to some unwanted consequences. Therefore, one is really better off not reusing his condom.

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