How to Press Boobs, Playing With Her Breasts Like a Pro

How to have fun do like a Pro

Touching your girl’s boobs is one of the most satisfying feelings. Isn’t it boys? But, more than touching, the hype stays around how to press boobs. 

Sounds fishy? But, it ain’t that easy peeps. The more effortless it sounds to people out there, the most typical and complicated it can be. But, let’s not forget that these are some moments that make your girl feel cozy and you should do it. 

But, before hopping on to the major steps, make sure your partner is comfortable with this move. Don’t make her feel like you are anxious & impatient to press her boobs. Take it easy and follow our tips.

How to press boobs like a PRO? Step by step guide. 

Pull her towards you.

Believe it or not, pulling your girl from her waist will excite her for evolving situations. So, get her on board and start by crawling kisses. Make her feel seductive by undressing her. These little acts will drive her crazy. You don’t need to go all wild at once. Just take it easy. If she loves gentle strokes then go for soft kisses, but if she is passionate & loves intense caress then, lick and kiss her. Remember guys that you have to build excitement and a drama so she thinks you are going to do something extraordinary. 

Go with tender strokes. 

Go with tender strokes.

It is obvious that you’re overwhelmed by the thought of pressing her boobs but, don’t go nuts if she isn’t showing signs. Start touching her cleavage and slowly move down towards her luscious boobs. Feel her boobs & arouse her with another hand by touching another body part like her ass. Once stimulated by your strokes, she will eventually make you an admin to lick her off. Light kisses without your saliva dripping on her boobs is a mind-boggling situation. 

If she’s enjoying the breast moment, then hold the other boob and give soft massage in circular motions. Try a different way to move and press her breast mildly so that she enjoys every bit of it. A deep french kiss along while pressing boobs will make her feel that you are keen to love her even if boob action is taking place.

Sounds implausible? What’s new though? Make your girl believe that you keep love first and sidetrack other stuff because she is your priority. 

Lick and suck it baby!

Lick and suck it baby!

The most awaited moment or should we say the actual deal. After all the foxy tips listed above on how to press boobs, it’s time for the suck and lick action. Turn on the modes of your tongue and mouth and start licking her nipple with the tip of your tongue. This is the most enticing and titillating act a guy can do. Nipple licking is a whole new encounter which arouses your babe and her orgasm. Now use your mouth and suck the heck out of her boob like an insane freak. Even if this sounds corny to you but, still do it because sex languages work this way. Suck her breast from diverse slants and make her sense that you’re going nuts over her beauty. 

Voluptuous hardcore performance.

The initial stages are crossed. It’s time for you to go all wild and erotic on her boobs. Assault her boobs with your lewd sucking actions and press them busts with your hands. 

But, but, but… In the rage don’t forget to dribble her with your over-eagerness. You have to stay calm at the same time because anything can make her feel awkward and uneasy. Other guides on how to press boobs won’t tell you that your overriding zeal & keenness to play with her boobs can turn her off. So, make sure you check her mood and reaction from time to time. Turn this course of action into a romantic date by dripping chocolate syrup on her boobs. Don’t worry; we aren’t baking your girl. Just lick her boobs scuffed in chocolate and make the most out of your memorable moments. 

It’s not what you do; it is more of how you press her boobs to satisfy her inner cravings of an erotic time. Follow the above steps on how to press boobs and, if you’re fortunate you might find your favorite sensuous activity. 

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