TechGrey Times Technologies Pvt. Ltd. owns your favorite sex toys portal in India – BesharamToys. We (the company) completely understand the significance of your private information and thus privacy. We are wholeheartedly determined to protect all our customers’ data from any kind of privacy breach. BesharamToys stands against all sorts of violations of data and personal information. We stand by you. Thus, in this particular section, we are going to discuss almost everything related to your personal data and information which might be bothering you for a long time. Do not worry, as stated before, we are here for you.

We do not wish to compromise on our strict privacy policy by letting off some really essential details that we end by gathering while interacting with you. This portal is run by a team of dedicated individuals who totally understand the worth and importance of your personal data. Therefore, by following strict privacy policy we ensure that none of our customers get hurt or face any kind of loss during their engagement with us.

Privacy policy
Scope and Applicability

This Privacy Policy (the Policy) is effective from Jan1, 2013 as amended from time to time and applies to the Company, its affiliates, and group companies, its employees, staff and team members who collect, possess, use, process, record, store, transfer, disclose, deal, handle and receive, the personal data or information by and on behalf of the Company’s clients and/or prospective clients (Client(s)) which has been given to the Company by such Clients (“You” or “Your”) while selling Products and/or rendering services to them and third party’s in the USA or overseas including but not limited to any consultants, contractors, advisors, accountants, agents, person, representatives of the Company, etc. who provide Products and/or services to or on the Company’s behalf in connection with its business (“Third Party”). 

Types of Personal Data or Information We Collect

There are various types of personalities that we end up collecting from all the users of this website. This includes some very basic information about your name, address, age, gender, nationality. We also intend to fetch your username and passwords during the process for security reasons. BesharamToys collects everything (each and every required field of information) being within our legal restrictions. We understand how you share this information with us by reusing immense faith in us. Do not worry, we will not let you down.

Your Consent

Your consent forms an integral part of all our initiatives and services. We do not carry out a single data related process without letting our customers know about it. All the information gathered by the company is very much in line with its terms and conditions. Moreover, we as a company really want our customers to know the way we operate our operations. Therefore, we have made it work in a very transparent manner. One is advised to read the terms and conditions before initiating a transaction with us. We are not here to cheat you in any possible way. We are here to help you realize your desires. is here to grow and help you grow.

Purposes for Collection, Storage, And Use of Personal Data or InformationData Protection

Retention of Your Personal Data

BesharamToys has owned by a very responsible company. Thus, the company understands the importance of maintaining and keeping all your personal data and information safe. We do not keep any piece of information or your personal data for long. We know when it needs to be destroyed. Thus, we do that when it is required to be destroyed. Therefore, you need not worry. You can totally bank upon us when it comes to keeping your private information and private lives intact. It is really important to mention that we retain and use your personal data and information in a very reasonable manner. We are a responsible company and we do not wish to act otherwise.

Updating or Reviewing Your Personal Data or Information, Questions, and Complaints

The company commands sole authority over any kind of amendments related to the company’s terms and conditions as well as pertaining to the Company’s privacy policy. It is not mandatory on the part of the company to provide its customers with prior notice about the same. Thus, the company can update, amend, review your personal data or information, questions, and complaints at any given time. You being a customer cannot bind us to any sort of agreement or in other words, partnership. Dealing with the company in no way makes you a decision making stakeholder. Thus, you continue to be bound by the company’s terms and conditions and privacy policy instead of binding it in one. We are a very transparent organization that is pretty much open about all its endeavors. We care for you.   

Information SecurityInformation Security

The company takes all the required steps to ensure that the personal data or information of our customers remains safe. Various types of encryption, firewalls and other mechanisms have used in the company to protect your private data. We do our best to help you not land in any kind of an issue due to your personal data or confidential details lying with the company. BesharamToys does whatever we can to help you not suffer because of any kind of violation of the privacy policy. We do not let any kind of malware get easily through our controlled database. Yes, we at Besharam Toys maintain a properly controlled database that helps us to keep your private data and information completely safe and sound with us. We do not spell it out.

Grievance Redressal

Being a very responsible and customer-orient company, does all that it takes to help you share your personal data and information with us. We keep it safe. Consider it a word from us. Moreover, if still something adverse happens, we have deployed a special grievance redressal mechanism. The professionals hired by the company will help you in all possible ways. You can contact us by writing email.