Endorsement of Sex Toys in Mumbai 

We at BesharamToys, have been delivering our adult products and sex toys in Mumbai and all across the nation. Yes, right from Kanyakumari in the south to the territory of Ladakh in the north. BesharamToys believes in delivering and shipping you your sex toys and adult products in a very discreet way. Yes, we do it so discreetly that nobody except the one who has to use the sex toy/adult products gets to know about what is inside the delivery package. Sounds cool, right? It is because it is. 

We are one of the largest portals of sex toys in India. Yes, we are not making this up. We are one of the high ranked portals that deal with sex toys and adult products in India. We have always ensured that all our customers get the best of the sex toys and adult products available in the nation. BesharamToys believes in a different brand of a business. We do not wish to gain profits at the cost of making our customers suffer. We have always wanted to provide you the finest of sex toys and adult products and services. BesharamToys helps you grow and you return the favor by helping us grow as a company. May our bond of mutual reciprocation prosper forever.

Sex Toy in Mumbai

Characteristics of People in Mumbai

The city of dreams ‘Mumbai’ is known to be one of the most educated cities around the nation. Yes, it this city that has often led the nation towards a new trend. Mumbai, the place which has always placed people with determination on a higher pedestal is more than just a city. It is the place where if you have the desire to prove yourself then you are going to soon rule the world. Everybody is always on the go. Nobody really stops over here. Therefore, in order to ensure that Mumbaikars are able to continue with their hustle. It is equally important for the people of Mumbai to take care of their sexual health. Sexual wellness and development is a vital concern for any living being. Thus, one should not be bottling up his/her sexual urges for too long. Why? Because it is really very unhealthy to do so.

We at BesharamToys want to see this city that rubs its ass hard carry on with their share of hustle. Hence, we are here to provide the people of Mumbai with some of the best and finest sex toys and adult products in India. Yes, we are the best at what we do. There is no real competitor of us in the market when it comes to providing our customers with some of the amazing deals and efficient sex solutions. Therefore, we are the site that deals with sex toys and adult products in India and the one which Mumbai trusts. You must shop with us to know what makes us stand out from other online portals dealing with sex toys and adult products in India.

What are the popular sex toys and adult products in Mumbai?

People in Mumbai love sex toys and various other types of adult products. Mumbai has been one of the few cities all across the nation which has always been welcoming towards the use of adult products and sex toys in India. This has a lot to do with the kind of people who inhabit this city. This city has an aura of its own. It has always been encouraging any new fad.

The people of Mumbai haven’t really been judgmental in the negative sense of the term. Mumbai – the city of dreams has always accommodated individuals coming here from all walks of life. Any kind of discrimination has not prevailed in this wonderful city. This city has been very vocal and open about the use and existence of sex toys and adult products in India. The people living in Mumbai have always chosen to lead the path for their fellow countrymen. Therefore, in this particular section, we are going to discuss some of the most popular sex toys and adult products that are being used by people living in Mumbai. One should definitely have a look at the same to know what is the mood of their city like. So, here you go!

Vibrators in Mumbai


Vibrators are sex toys that are specially manufactured for women. You might have seen a lot of female characters on Over The Top digital media platforms using this wonderful sex toy. The city of Mumbai seems to be in love with this great sex toy. Therefore, you should look into a diverse range of options available within this category for women in Mumbai. BesharamToys has got a vast collection of sex toys and adult products to keep you enchanted! 

Masturbators in Mumbai

Masturbators are one of the most wanted sex toys in Mumbai. All men putting up in Mumbai are really fond of this sex toy. There are numerous types of this type of sex toys that are available in the market. It is lovely to see a wide range of masturbators available at a single stop – BesharamToys. You need to check out this collection in order to be at the best level of your solo sessions. Yes, these masturbators certainly help you become manlier. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite sex toys in the form of masturbators in Mumbai today itself! After all, these authentic and genuine sex toys would not be available at such low prices forever! 

Dildos in Mumbai

Dildos have been one of the most loved sex toys in the city of dreams. Yes, women in this city seem to have more trust in their dildos than their male counterparts. A dildo is a fantastic sex toy that has been used by women since ancient times. And women in Mumbai just do not feel like giving up on their little friends. Rather with each passing year, the sales of dildos have been increasing via BesharamToys. Therefore, it is time for you to join the league if you have not yet. BesharamToys provides you with some of the most amazing kinds of dildos that are available in the market. Go fetch them!

BDSM Sex Toys in Mumbai

Yes, we are not your mainstream portal to buy sex toys and adult products in India. We are different and do you know what makes us different? Our choices and our passion to help you out with your sex life. Yes, and BDSM seems to be one of the newest trends that has been dominating the sexual sphere for a while now. Thus, you can access to a whole world of BDSM sex toys and adult products if getting involved in a painful sexual encounter is your and your partner’s thing. Consent is important. Therefore, have a look at some of the finest BDSM products in Mumbai only at BesharamToys.

Recommended Sex Toys for Men in Mumbai

Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbator

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the best sex toys and adult products for men. These sex toys and adult products are bound to get the best out men in Mumbai. Yes, you can always bank upon these sex toys and adult products. Therefore, the following are some of the sex toys and adult products that have been sold at BesharamToys like hot cupcakes.

Realistic Vagina Masturbator – Pink

This is one of the better sex toys in the form of masturbators available in the market for men in India. You should check this one out to fetch some intense solo sessions.

Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbator

This is genuinely one of the best fleshlights you will ever come across. It is easy to use. Moreover, it produces some really good results. Not just this, it comes at a price that would not burn a hole in your pocket.

DND Adam’s Ring

Cock rings are a great way of ensuring that you last longer in your bed. This DND Adam’s Ring should be your go-to product. Yes, you need not give it a second thought. It is really good.

Recommended Sex Toys for Women in Mumbai

We also care about the women of our nation. And sadly, not many women get what they deserve out of a sexual act. Yes, that is the harsh reality and we are here with a list of some sex toys and adult products which could help you sort out the issue of orgasm inequality.

I-FUN Bouncy Hot red Discreet Dildo

This is the best selling product in the league of dildos at BesharamToys. Women in Mumbai have shown a lot of love. It is time for you to do the same. Fetch it now!


There is an extensive range of sexy lingerie to choose from. Women in Mumbai have always believed in being the best when it comes to satisfying their partners. And nothing sets the tone like sexy lingerie. Go buy and flaunt your body in your bedroom now!

Recommended Sex Toys for Couples in Mumbai

Sex Toys for Couples in Mumbai

Which couple does not go through ups and downs in a relationship? Every single couple does. Relationships are not easy but they are not as complex as we have made them. Thus, one should try communicating with his/her partner instead of continuing with the ego. Communication is the key. And thus, these are some of the best couple sex toys that can help you serve your purpose. Have a look at them.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Oral Sex Gel

This is a great product to restore your equation. You should invest in this commodity. Crazy Girl Wanna Be Oral Sex Gel is all you need. It is a cheap, effective and perfect way to start things off.

Flavored Condoms

There is a huge range of condoms available at our portal. You can always check that out. They are great and safe to use.

Recommended Sex Toys for LGBT in Mumbai

Now, coming on to LGBT sex toys. BesharamToys offers a wide range of sex toys and various types of adult products to choose from. LGBT sex toys have been one of the highlights of buying sex toys and adult products from BesharamToys. This platform does not discriminate between individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation. On the other hand, it gives everyone an equal chance to explore their sexuality. The following are some of the best LGBT sex toys and adult products available at BesharamToys.

Fifty Shades of Grey Glass Wand

It is one hell of a sex toy. Yes, it is suitable for you if you and your partner are still figuring out if you actually belong to a particular place. Enjoy the process of blurring these lines with the help of this amazing Fifty Shades of Grey Glass Wand. Buy now! It is worth all your attention.

Fifty Shades of Grey Ease Gel

The name of the product would tell you what is the purpose of using it. So, have fun with your partner after applying it where required. Fetch now only from BesharamToys. 

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