Endorsement of Sex Toys in India

A topic “Sex Toys India” is not discussed in public but is raved about in private is like a forbidden thing in India. With sex come so many other things which youngsters are not educated about. It is the adult toys which must be a normal topic as of now. Adult toys are being sold almost everywhere in India but very fewer people seem to know about it.

Sex toys are like a plaything that satiates the voluptuous and sexual feeling of an individual with extreme or less pain. Love is a feeling which expresses without words. Sex is a form of expressing love without uttering. Is anything wrong with it? It doesn’t seem like.

Sex toys have been created to satisfy someone’s core pleasure of erotic and sexy feelings. It may be something that gives you pain or even a toy that makes you feel relaxed and stress-free. These toys are designed in a way to satisfy everyone’s pleasure whether it is for pain, relaxation or to enhance their sex life.

A question may arise in everyone’s mind regarding the enhancement of sex life with sex toys. Well, people, it is an appealing way to welcome your partner about the happening during sex. It provokes and creates an urge in your partner’s mind to get ready for the wildest and the most romantic sex ever.

How Sex Toys Got Introduced in India – KamaSutra Age?

Sex is a natural way of expressing your exotic side and it persists in India before the 6th century. Vatsyayana was a philosopher who introduced Kama Sutra in India. Are you not aware of Kama Sutra? Well, this simple word just means the opening of several ways to get in-depth knowledge about erotic, sensual and seductive feelings of an individual. How to satisfy those feelings is all about Kama Sutra. 

How Sex toys Got introduced in India- Kamasutra age?
Sex is like a not so famous topic in a country like India where the population is hiked like crazy. Sex is definitely not a topic to safeguard from children. In Fact, it is an important knowledge which must be imparted to teenagers for better decisions

Sex Toys in India in the 21st Century

With changing times and evolving youth,  things have taken a complete U-turn. Sex toys in India are now very common and people are getting familiar with it day by day. One can now explore a variety of adult toys online to get the one with matches their wildest fantasy.

There are several varieties of these toys like dildos, vibrators, and insertable vibrators. Youngsters are now educated enough to get the best sex toys online and play with them. It is not a matter of playing but is also a way to satisfy your sexual needs and desires.

Men tend to satiate their sexual preferences using cocks and strokers which are incalculably popular. Women are fascinated by vibrators and dildos which gives immense pleasure once inserted. Get familiar with these adult toys because they are going to be your forever partners. 

What is a Sex Toy? Sex Toys India

New on this journey? Let us make the topics a tad clear to you all. So, a sex toy is basically an object or mania which satisfies your sexual and lascivious feelings. It is not only for personal desire but also helps in adding a spice element to your sex life with your partner. The lewd and sensuous feelings which have the craziest fantasies are handled extremely well by sex toys.

To create the pick-me-up mood it is essential for you to get your hands on adult toys in India. When you buy sex toys online you might have several thoughts in mind regarding quality and authenticity. However, our team is reliable enough to deliver the best quality products from trustworthy sources. 

Most Popular Types of Sex Toys

There is a wide variety of adult toys online and we will let you know about the best ones. It differs from person to person. Men use different sex toys while women have different ways to satiate their sexual preferences. Here are some popular adult toys in India which you can buy online.

Male Masturbator         Fleshlight Masturbator 

Male Masturbator is a device that has designed especially for men to satisfy their masturbation feelings. It is like a toy that is unoccupied and boys can insert their penis into it. It relaxes them to another level.


This one has designed for all those women who love experiencing fingering and sex on almost a daily basis. There are so many types of vibrators available online.

Sex lubricants

To enhance and make your sex life a spicy one, lubricants have designed. It eases the intercourse process and makes it less painful. 


Summing up the pleasure of a man, the male masturbators use by men all over the world. Male masturbators are basically the one which gives immense masturbation pleasure which hands are not able to perceive. They feel very light and are made up of material which provides steamy and erotic satisfaction.

There are various types of masturbators available like the vibrating one and non-vibrating one. Men can definitely feel better orgasms with masturbators because they are way better than the vagina sometimes. It arouses you to get into that sex zone which has romanticized a lot. 


Sex toys online which have designed only for women are vibrators. The trend of buying adult products in India online is getting popular day by day. It helps in getting better orgasms and feel the erotic vibes all over. Vibrators have designed to create a throbbing and shaking sensation in the vagina. 

This female sex toy “vibrator” has several types which have listed below. 

G-spot vibrators

Vibrator specially designed for women’s g-spot are these. They are a tad curvy on the top half to arouse the G-spot and get some orgasm vibes. 

Remote Control Vibrators

One of the most popular female sex toys in India is this one right here. It hypes in so many movies and it gives the utmost satisfaction. 

Some other variety of vibrators includes couple vibrators which are specifically made for couples to bring zing in their sex life. Others include bullet, wand, and clitoral vibrators. 

Dildos Dildo

Something that satisfies women to her core is something she can’t live without. Dildos are adult toys in India which lies under the category of female sex toys. The hardcore pleasure with foxy and titillating vibes is only because of dildos.  Some days women need extra fulfillment to overcome their aphrodisiac and kissable feelings. Dildos play a very important role here by going inside the vagina and filling a woman with lewd and sensual feelings

They basically look like a man’s penis to please a woman’s pleasure of sex. They have curvy edges and are tall in length than a man’s penis so that a woman can get the most out of her dildos. Get the insights of three main types of dildos adult toys in India below –

Glass dildos                                                                      

The one which has the immense power to satiate a hot chic ass is this one. The material is very soothing and lusty on the vagina which makes it even more popular.

Silicone dildos

Female sex toys in India have raved a lot and it is one of them. The silicone dildos are very popular and they provide the most lustful and slinky pleasure.

Jelly dildos

Women who are new to adult toys in India should opt for this. These dildos are affordable and are beginner-friendly. The girl needs sensual pleasure and this one is the ideal match for her.

Penis Enlargement Pumppenis enlargement pump

The longer and erect the penis is the more is satisfaction. Everyone believes in this fact and it is the truth. The penis needs to belong and erect in order to feel all lewd and naughty.

Penis enlargement pumps have entered the industry of sex toys in India and help in making the penis erect and bigger in size. It is a perfect way to get libidinous with your girl without getting any surgery done on the penis. These 3 types of penis work on the suction mechanism and are best to opt for.

Hydro pumps                                

These pumps use underwater in a shower or bathtub. It works with the idea of water. They activate when are in contact with water.

Manual pumps

A cylinder that is placed on the penis creates a vacuum when the bulb is lit. This pump design with a hand bulb.

Automatic pumps

For astonishing suction in the penis switch the button of an automatic pump. It is not like a manual pump which requires pumping.

Cock Ringscock ring

Sex is all about the erect penis and some amorous and erotic feelings. To finish the cravings cock rings have made to make the penis even more erect for a better orgasm. Cock rings are basically a ring-like structure that is stretchable and has to be worn on the penis. Some people suffer from penis erection problems and that’s when cock rings come into the era.

It helps in keeping the penis erect by sucking the blood and shafts it in your penis. The penis becomes tight and hard once you wear a cock ring. The penis and your inner sensual urge gets all ready for sex and getting cozy with your blonde chic. 


Being cozy and lewd with your partner is the best feeling ever but, there are times when everything feels boring and prosaic. The dry private areas are definitely not the ones you would love to suck or insert your penis in. So, to overcome the dryness Sex lubricants are introduced under the category of sex toys in India.

If one has to buy sex toys online then this lubricant is something everyone should get their hands on. Just a few drops of oil/gel lubricant and massage it with pleasure on your private parts. Within a few minutes, the private part gets drenched, moist and soaked in lube which makes it squeezy and very appealing.

It definitely makes the area slippery for ease in penis insertion. Dryness can sign off your mood but sex lubricants will definitely turn your partner on. 

Advantage of Using Sex Toys

Who doesn’t love being pampered by their partner and playing with their private parts? Adult toys are made especially for men and women to satisfy their lewd and sensual sensations. The astonishing sex toys please them when partners are not around. Couple sex toys are also available nowadays to get cozy and spicy with your partner.

Are you aware of the mind-boggling benefits of adult toys? If not then you must get some insights about how these toys can spice up your normal life.

Add zing to your sex life

Intimating with your partner is the most lustful thing for couples. But, without adult toys, it is like no icing on the cake. These toys are definitely the best to add spice to your sex life making it erotic and hanky panky.

Satisfying orgasms

Experiencing satisfying orgasms is not as easy as it seems to be. But, with sex toys, everything becomes very titillating and erotic. It gives you multiple orgasms which your partner may not be able to satiate.

Increases your intimacy powerIncreasing Your Intimacy Power using sex toys

Trying the hanky panky stuff for the first time, you definitely need sex toys online. These intimate toys go deep inside your private parts making you prone to pain and increasing your intimacy level. It is overall a copulating experience.

Erections turn out to be long-lasting

There are times when your penis may not be as erect as it should be. Several sex toys available online in India help you to achieve hard erect penis for provocative and seductive sex.

Increases your confidence

Are you wondering how? Well, sex toys are a pro in increasing your self-confidence to make out with your partner. If you are already using these toys it will be very easy for you to satisfy your partner’s steamy and sensuous sentiments for sex.

Fucking her hard is what she needs and it is your duty to be the man of your words. So, grab the most authentic adult toys in India online at our website. 

How Sex Toys Helps in Building a Healthy Relationship

Sex toys are indeed very advantageous for a relationship. The secret to a healthy relationship is introducing sex toys to your partners. It may seem like a deal but it ain’t one. Playing with adult toys individually can be a plus point when you intimate with your partner. It is because adult toys provide you the same erotic feel and even more than that which you will experience with your blonde babe occasionally.

To get the most out of your sex life it is very important to get your hands on the best sex toys online. It makes your sex life enjoyable, voluptuous and provocative. Exploring with several sexual toys makes you prone to pain, multiple orgasms, and betterment in your sex life.

Sex toys help men and women explore their sensuous side alone and even with their partners. It is astonishing to observe if the couple is making out and using sexual toys to satiate each other sexual desires. It should not be misunderstood as a replacement for human intercourse.

Instead, men and women should encourage each other to use sex toys to enhance and spice up their sex life. Burst the myth of sexual toys making relationships tough. They are instead the best option to choose when your partner is not able to satiate your hunger for sex. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need your partner anymore.

Sex toys are helpful to build a hale, hearty and loving relationship and ultimately make your sexual intercourse a good one. To make your partner comfortable with you it is very important to indulge him/her in the world of adult toys. It just makes it easier to have foxy, flirtatious and appealing intercourse which is satisfying to the next level. 

Our Discreet Service and 100% Privacy PolicyOur Discreet Service

When it comes to our website and its policies we are quite confidential and secure about our products and their packaging. It feels awkward at times when you think of purchasing the sex toys in India but are afraid due to several reasons. But, with BesharamToys.in assure of their packages as well as privacy.

We as a seller believe in the confidentiality of our customers so that they can satiate their sensuous and sexual desires from time to time with the best adult toys online. Our website focuses mainly on delivering the best to our customers by securing the package and handling it with care.

We swear by some principles of securing the buyer’s name and telling the delivery person that we are a normal e-commerce website. Our products in the packages are not packed loosely. Instead, we first pack then in a plastic poly pouch and that is layered with another cardboard box. Our website name is not written on the invoice attached in the package which makes it even more convenient for customers to accept it at their home address.

Our discreet policy has two more important steps which include COD and self pick up by customers. Both of them are exceptionally important for our customers and so we dazed them both together

Some consumers are not okay to receive such parcels at their doorstep due to endless reasons. So, to make them happy about sex toys in India we decided to start the self pick up service. This was a requested one and we tried being as generous to them as possible. But, the service can be availed on a few pin codes only. So, one has to check it before they place an order with us. Self pick up service is advantageous for our customers and they are very satisfied with it.

We also offer Cash on Delivery services to our customers. Some people are not addicted to cashless shopping and that’s why we came up with COD. Just check the website and our privacy policies for more details about COD.

We strive to deliver the best to our customers and that’s why maintaining their image and privacy is our core mantra. We endeavor and make every effort to satisfy our customers by delivering the best sex toys in India. 

Shop with us at BesharamToys.inshop-with-us-

Shopping sex toys online in India was not an easy task until BesharamToys.in entered the villa. We at Besharam Toys believe in satisfying our customer’s sexual preferences by delivering the most authentic and reliable products to them. Adult toys are not a deal anymore in a country like India where the population is increasing day by day. Our team thrives to educate people about the benefits of using sex toys.

Apart from all this, we prosper to flourish all the important information about sex toys like their usage, benefits, and precautions. Our Buyer’s Guide has been a boon to so many people out there who were struggling to buy the best adult toys online in India. Satisfying your lewd and arousing feelings was never easy without these toys. We also make sure to deliver you the best adult toys in India online with full confidentiality and privacy.

Are you still worry about some points? Let us make it more clear to you. The sex toys available at our website are 100% authentic and reliably sourced from international brands. We try our level best to offer all the sex toys which you desire to have. Our payment policies are as flexible as your body is with our sex toys. The payment ways include debit/credit cards along with some wallets. We also offer COD for people who are new to digital cashless payment systems.

We assure you about the security of your image as we love our customers and their blind faith in our products and website. Sex is no more a taboo in our country and our Sexpert thrives to help you with your basic doubts regarding these adult toys. We believe in helping and providing you with the unsurpassed information and providing you sensual sex tips.

We have sex toys for men, women and the LGBT community as well. Our motive for selling is to make people confident about their sexual desires no matter which gender they belong to. Our naughty and voluptuous sexual toys will make your date with your partner even more steamy, hot and fucking lustful and provoking. 

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