Sexy Honeymoon Dresses Collection for Couples

Sexy Honeymoon Dresses 2020

Getting married is just the first step in starting a new life. Once you are through with all the family functions and rituals, it is time for your first vacation as a married couple. The early years of marriage are very special for a couple. Honeymoon is the first time you get to know your partner intimately and obviously you have a lot of sexual expectations. This is why it is very important to minimize pressure and just enjoy your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is your chance to reconnect on a level that you have never done before you were married. This vacation is your chance to go wild behind closed doors. To know your body and your pleasure as well as your partner’s.

To have an exciting honeymoon, there are some things that you must keep in mind. First, don’t rust to get naked. You must reveal your body sensually and slowly like a sexy striptease. Going bare i.e., without hair down there, you must try getting a Brazillian wax. This will definitely be a huge turn on for your partner. Going in public without panties or surprising him with sexy and skimpy lingerie is just the way to go about it.

Ways to entice your better half

There are many ways to entice your husband. Getting honeymoon dresses for couples to keep him hooked on you while you both are on your honeymoon. Check out the tips to ensure you have a hot and sexy honeymoon:

1. Talk about your sexual desires beforehand

1. Talk about your sexual desires beforehand

Before the wedding, take your time and discuss it with your partner. It is very important that you and your partner know each other’s expectations. Talk about your honeymoon, sexual desires, and how your honeymoon would be in general to create a comfort zone where you can openly follow your desires and achieve each other’s pleasure.


2. Focus on intimacy

Honeymoon days are those rare times where you can plan your days exactly the way you want. If you are on a romantic honeymoon to Paris, there can be a lot of sightseeing and exploring on your honeymoon. Plan to have a lot of quality intimate time to bond after you get married. Stay in bed and have breakfast in bed while you can enjoy the view from your room as your cuddle with each other.

3. Be prepared

While everything is very exciting on your honeymoon, you should come prepared. Bring things like scented candles, an iPod dock, or your favorite lube to make sex feel more intimate and fun for both of you.  

Honeymoon dresses

If you are on a honeymoon dress hunt, then this is where it ends. “What to wear on Honeymoon?” can be a scary question to ask yourself when you have no idea about what you should wear on your honeymoon to have an exciting start of your marital life. We’ve got you covered. You can also buy honeymoon dresses for couples. Below is a collection of sexy honeymoon dresses that you can add to your collection of nightdresses. Let’s have a look:

1. Three-point Underwear Transparent Lace  Lingerie Set

1. Three-point Underwear Transparent Lace  Lingerie Set


This particular lingerie set is a pretty yet sexy dress that you can wear to entice your husband on your first night of the honeymoon. The design is simple and the color is pleasant, this dress will adorn your figure beautifully.

2. Sexy Lingerie Lace Nightdress Apparel


Lace lingerie makes you feel sexy and gives you the confidence you need to make your nights special. You can buy this nightdress online from getsetwild.com which is an e-commerce website.  

3. Sexy Lingerie Lace One Body Stockings and Garter Set


This nightdress comes with a garter set that is super sexy and stylish. If you are in a mood to tease your husband, then this is your goto nightdress.

4. Fashion Women Lace Nightwear


It is a delicate yet sexy combination of lace and silk that’ll look sexy on you. Try this sexy nightdress and enjoy your hot honeymoon nights.

5. V Neck Long Maxi Chiffon Nightdress

5. V Neck Long Maxi Chiffon Nightdress


Try on the sheer lace and chiffon nightdress with G-string lingerie and you’ll feel like a goddess. It is sexy and arousing, just what you need for your honeymoon.

Now you have best of the nightdress options for you with tips on how to make your honeymoon intimate and enjoyable. Don’t wait and buy these nightdresses to have the most enjoyable vacation ever.


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