Terms and Conditions for transacting at BesharamToysTerms and Conditions for transacting at Besharam Toys

BesharamToys.in is owned and operated by Techgrey Times Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is a company that operates according to the rules and regulations laid down by the Constitution of India.

This document talks about the terms and conditions of transactions that take place between customers and the company at BesharamToys.

The company ensures that its Agreement is binding on all its associates, subsidiaries, affiliates, associated companies, consultants, directors, employees, advisors, partners, and suppliers. This e-commerce site deals in a variety of sex toys and various other kinds of adult products. These include the likes of vibrators, dildos, sexy lingerie, Tenga cups, kegel balls, romance kits, bedroom kits, BDSM products. It deals with various types of sex toys that can use by individuals as well as couples.

The use of this portal shall be according to this very agreement provided over here. This agreement shall remain binding at all times and costs. Although this agreement is subject to change without any prior notice to anyone of the concerned parties involved in transactions with this platform that ensures to provide you with some authentic and quality sex solutions.

This portal also deals in Products such as energy drinks, lubricants, lingerie, cosmetics, massage gels, massage apparatus, adult industry products, oils and gels, jewelry, watches, perfumes, cologne, apparels, books and magazines, movies.


There are certain rules and regulations that are laid down in order to avoid situations of chaos. The same also helps the company serve you better. Thus, it is imperative on your part to note that this site provides you with an option to agree or the right to disagree with the rules and regulations that dictate all the transactions made on this very portal that deals in a variety of products ranging from lingerie to magazines for adults. Therefore, if you choose to continue your dealings with this site then you will have to choose “I Agree” when provided with an option. Otherwise, one is free to discontinue dealing or making any kind of transactions on this portal.

All the information and products offered to you at this site should not be considered as a substitute/replacement to technical/professional expertise. The company tries its best to keep the information and products available at this site relevant and appropriate. Although there could be statements and information that is subject to interpretation. The company does not hold any of the other interpretations other than that of its own to be true at all times.

The company shall not be responsible and accountable for any kind of damage or loss due to the information provided on this portal. All the information available at this site is there to help you all not to hurt you in any way.


i) “Agreement” shall mean this contract in the Company and the User with terms and conditions as provided herein and includes the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and all the schedules, appendices, and references mentioned herein with all such amendments as enforced by the Company from time to time.

(ii) “Company” shall mean TechGreyTimes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. dba BesharamToys.in

(iii) “User” shall mean any person and/or legal entity that visits, uses, deals with and/or transacts on the Website in any way. Some references herein to ‘you’ and ‘your’ shall mean the User.

(iv) “Website” shall mean BesharamToys.in, a website owned and operated by the Company and facilitating online transactions.


All the users of this site as well as the products available on this site are supposed to be 18 years of age or above. The company does not allow individuals aged below 18 years of age to purchase any product from the site. If done, the company does not take any responsibility for the unintended consequences laid down by the law of the land.

Amendment of Terms

The company can change/amend the terms of this site at any given time. This does not need prior notice to anybody. Thus, it is advisable to go through terms each time before you make a transaction at this site.

Third-Party Content

There are various things available on my site that are subject to copyright. These things on our site are more likely to belong to a various different third party(s). Thus any attempt to emulate the same may give way to a serious infringement of intellectual rights.

No Refund Policy

The company follows a strict no refund policy. Although under special circumstances, we do consider refunding money. You cannot cancel your order beyond a certain stage. All the refund-related decisions are subject to the company’s discretion. The consumer retains no right to question the company’s policies.

General ProvisionsGeneral Provisions

No partnership: The above-specified agreement does not result in any kind of a partnership between the company and the customer. Thus, none of the customers can bind the company in any possible way.

Electronic communication: All the guidelines mentioned in the agreement are digital in nature. This agreement gives the company the right to contact its customers through e-mails and available contact numbers. This agreement is an electronic document according to the Information and Technology Act, 2000.

Assignment: The company can at any point in time assign customers its rights and obligations. The customers cannot do the same. In order to be able to do the same, the concerned customer needs prior permission or consent from the company.

Note: If anybody does not approve of the above-mentioned agreement then s/he is free to not get involved with the company in any kind of equation. This certainly also means that the individual should also prevent him/herself from using any of the products offered, displayed and sold by the company through its portal – BesharamToys. We intend to state our terms and conditions very explicitly. Thus we expect you to go through the same in order to avoid unnecessary chaotic circumstances for both the parties involved.